New Opaque Smooth LED C9 Bulb

LED C9 Bulb, Opaque Smooth

We’re excited to add a new smooth LED C9 bulb! This efficient opaque warm white bulb is the perfect replacement solution for your existing string light set. Or, even better, use these bulbs to create your own indoor or outdoor string lights using our commercial grade C9 cord or the basic C9 string light cord. Either way, this new bulb is perfect for an indoor or outdoor setting.  

The smooth LED C9 bulb is a staple for indoor home decor, but it can also be used for outdoor patio or backyard lighting. Because this bulb uses the smaller C9 base, it has a more subtle look, perfect for when you want string lighting that is less obtrusive or for a more intimate setting. As always, these LED bulbs are cool to the touch, which makes them safe nearly anywhere.   

LED, Dimmable, Shatterproof … the Opaque LED C9 Bulb!

These LED bulbs have a smooth, glass-like feel, but are completely shatterproof. They’re durable and good looking and adapt to a variety of uses. As with all LED bulbs, they’re energy efficient and also long-lasting. Importantly, they’re also dimmable which makes them the perfect solution whether you’re trying to light up the entire yard, or create a cozy space. Check out our entire line of LED C9 Bulbs!

The smooth design and opaque feature, make this LED bulb a perfect addition to weddings or events. Notch up your your holiday decor … learn how with our article, Kick Up Your Christmas Tree Decorating with Dimensional Light Design.

As always, we’d like to see your creative uses for the smooth LED C9 bulb! Email us or post a picture and tag us on Facebook (@partylightscom) or Instagram (@partylights_com).

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