6 Great Ways to Add Outdoor Lighting This Spring

Spring Outdoor Patio Lights

While it might seem as though winter is keeping a steely grip throughout the country, the days are getting longer, the sun is slowly getting warmer, and spring is definitely coming around the corner. Soon enough, the temperatures will start warming enough to draw us all back outdoors — whether you’re in the north or the south. With those days coming soon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to brighten up your outdoor spaces by adding outdoor lighting this spring to provide style, atmosphere, and of course illumination.

1. Globe Lights

Globe lights are a great starting point for your outdoor lighting project. The round bulbs have a classic, timeless look that fits in with all styles of outdoor spaces. While not as durable as commercial grade, they’re a cost-effective way to light up your spaces on a seasonal basis. Consider outlining patio railings with globe lights, draping along a fence, or use backyard trees to hang above a garden or fire pit area.

Globe String Lights to highlight backyard fire pit

Patio globe lights are a flexible choice as well. Like commercial grade string lighting, they come in a variety lengths, ranging from 10 to 100 feet, and cord color options, as well. Additionally, with C9-base globe lights, you can get both incandescent and energy-saving LED bulbs. With a broad choice of options, globe lights are a cost-effective alternative to add style and lighting to your outdoor space!

Globe Patio Lights along Fence
Globe Patio Lights starting at $14.95 from PartyLights.com

2.Outdoor String Lights

A great way to notch up your outdoor lighting decor is with outdoor string lights. Commercial quality string lights are particularly well suited for outdoor usage because they are intended for year-round use. They have waterproof sealed sockets and a heavy duty cord to withstand all types of weather. Commercial string lights come in a wide variety of lengths, and can also be purchased in custom lengths, as well.

Choosing commercial grade string lights offers a wide variety of appearances. There are strings with lights in-line or suspended; you can get round bulbs or oblong bulbs; you can choose traditional incandescent, LED or vintage bulbs for added flair. Commercial strings are incredibly flexible options for your outdoor lighting!

An LED compatible dimmer & timer is an excellent addition to outdoor string lights. Our dimmer features both controls to increase or reduce the intensity of lights, but also preset settings and a timer.  The dimmer makes managing your outdoor lighting easier than ever!

3. LED Mini Lights

Consider LED mini lights for a quick and easy option to decorate your outdoor spaces…and it’s an effective way to repurpose your holiday lights during the warm season, particularly if you use white lights.  

LED mini lights can be used the same way you would during the holiday season. Use them to line windows or other architectural features. String a set along or under the railing of your deck. Or use battery-powered LED mini lights under your patio umbrella to add the perfect ambient light. You can even post them in clusters along the edges of a pergola, over the hedges or other structure as an alternative to larger string lights.  

4. LED Light Cubes & Orbs

For a truly unique ambiance, LED light cubes and orbs make distinctive outdoor patio lighting, particularly around pools or water features. The cubes and orbs are cordless and rechargeable for maximum flexibility in placement and use. Even better, they are controlled via remote control which allows you to control both the brightness and the color…including a color-changing mode!

Light cubes are water-resistant so they are suitable for poolside use. The light orbs are waterproof so they can sit poolside or float in the pool itself. Both the cubes and orbs bring a real sense of drama to your outdoor lighting!

5. Decorative String Lights

Whether you’re looking for fun flair, something a bit artsy, or a rustic touch to your outdoor lighting, decorative string lights are a great option. And the great thing about decorative string lights is that there’s a style for everyone!

With a wide variety of options you can match your decorative string lights to the mood for your space. If you’re going for a more rustic look, rattan star or rattan balls create a crafty, homemade vibe. For a vintage camping look, black cage lights work well, or choose the bear, moose or deer lantern string lights for that “up north” feel.  

There are also battery-powered string lights that are convenient for when you don’t have an outlet that is easily accessible. Cotton ball and starsphere lights add a fantasy vibe, while sparkle paper lanterns and mini iridescent boxes provide a more delicate look.

Whether you’re going simple or sophisticated, decorative string lights can convey exactly the right mood!

6. Projection Lights

For large scale lighting with real drama, projection lights are an impressive way to add ambient outdoor lighting to you space. Projection spotlights cast a brilliant pinpoint starfield across your wide open spaces, whether you’re lighting an outdoor feature or an entire side of your home. They’re perfect for highlighting landscaping or filling a covered patio with stars!

For more great ideas, check out how to Create the Perfect Patio with Globe Lights with more tips for outdoor lights. You’ll be certain to find new inspiration to really bring your patio to life!

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