New LED G40 Vintage Bulb

String Lights with LED G40 Vintage Bulbs

We’re very excited to offer another new LED vintage style bulb in the G40 globe shape and C9/E17/intermediate socket size! Enjoy this new efficient LED bulb in our ready-to-use string lights, or create your own indoor or outdoor string lights when used with our commercial grade C9 cord or the basic C9 string light cord. Both are a cost-effective way to brighten your backyard or patio area.  

The LED G40 vintage bulb is extremely popular for indoor home decor or outdoor patio or backyard lighting.  The smaller C9 base provides a smaller bulb look when you’re looking for string lighting to cover a smaller area or prefer a more intimate look. LED bulbs are cool to the touch, so they’re safe for a wide variety of applications.   

Anchor String Lights Vintage LED G40 Replacement Bulb

These LED vintage bulbs have a single, Edison-style filament and use glass for a premium look that brings to mind the style of a classic cafe light.  And as with all LED bulbs, they’re long-lasting and energy efficient, using 90% less energy! These warm white bulbs are dimmable so that you get just the right amount of light for your space.

We’d love to see the creative ways you use LED G40 vintage bulbs in your space! Email us or post a picture and tag us on Facebook (@partylightscom) or Instagram (@partylights_com).

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