Tame Your Party with Llama or Dinosaur Party Lights

Dinosaur String Lights roaming the jungle

We’re excited to add new options to our novelty party light collection: jaunty llama party lights and fierce dinosaur party lights! Both sets include 10 lights with colorful covers that are a fun way to bring whimsy to room decor, playroom decoration or unique theme parties.

Llama Lights

We’re sure that llama lovers will adore these fun and colorful string lights. They’re an excellent way to brighten up a kid’s bedroom or playroom area. Llamas are the new unicorns, so what better what to bring that trend to your next theme or birthday party than with llama lights. The lights feature white llamas with multi-color blanket saddles. Llama cords are 8.5 feet long with llamas spaced every 8 inches. Have an alpaca lover? I’m sure this fun party addition could easily pass as alpaca lights too! 🙂

Llama Party Lights Llama String Lights lit up

Dinosaur Lights

The multi-hued green dinosaur string lights feature both a T-Rex and Styracosaurus. Dinosaur fans love these party lights that are a perfect mix of cute and fierce. Bring a Jurassic Park or jungle theme to life in the kids’ bedroom or playroom with dinosaur lights. For special occasions, add dinosaur party lights to a themed party. Dinosaur light cords are 14 feet long with dinosaurs spaced every 12 inches.

Dinosaur Party Lights Dinosaur String Lights lit up

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