3 Uses for Our New LED Dimmer

LED Dimmer & Timer

One of our most requested items is an LED compatible dimmer. We now have one that tics all the boxes for the key features that are essential for home or business use. And it works with incandescent bulbs as well!


Our LED dimmer will handle up to 360 watts. LED lights draw much less wattage, so it’s possible to use one dimmer for multiple string light sets, or a large number of pendant lights, rope lights, or other single light sets. With string lights, you can control 180, 2-watt LED bulbs or 36, 10-watt incandescent bulbs.

The LED compatible dimmer also has a remote which allows for wide control over dimming. There are presets for 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Plus, you can incrementally adjust the brightness between the preset levels as well.

There’s also a timer function on the dimmer remote. Choose between a 30 minute setting, one hour, two hours or four hours so that your lights automatically turn off – whether you remember them or not!

The dimmer is designed for both indoor and outdoor use for maximum flexibility. So, how can you use this dimmer?

1. Holiday Lights

Why limit your Christmas tree to off or on? Sometimes the room with your Christmas tree may need to have all the lights on, and other times, it may not. So, don’t limit your tree to simply off or on…dim it if it’s the only light source in the room, and turn it up when other lights are on. Or use the handy timer feature to have the tree automatically turn off later in the evening.

If you have holiday mini lights outside (and live in a colder climate), you’ll love the remote on this LED compatible dimmer. The remote itself makes it easy to turn on – without going outside. Also, with the timer feature, you can turn the lights on and forget them. They’ll automatically turn off after the timer period you specify.

2. Patio Lights

Backyard string lights or vintage string lights are a great way to enhance your outdoor spaces (and it’s easy to create your own perfect patio). But different events call for different levels of lighting. If you have a large family group catching up on a summer’s evening, you might appreciate a bright, well-lit space. Comfortably bright light works well for a larger group spread out over a larger space.

However, a small dinner party for four or dinner for two at a small cafe table might call for something less than the brightness of the fully lit bulbs. And if you’re out just enjoying a cool, quiet evening, minimal lighting may be all you need. Regardless of the setting , the remote-controlled dimmer makes it easy to set the scene and perfectly tune your LED and incandescent outdoor lights.

3. Commercial Lighting

Restaurant owners using commercial string lights for outdoor seating will love the LED compatible dimmer. Without a dimmer, patio lights for a dining area have only two settings: off or on. Yet the lighting in a dining room may change over the course of an evening, starting bright for the early diners, moving to something a bit dimmer for the main hours, and then dimmer yet for the late night crowd.

The same applies for wine bars or cocktail bars with outdoor spaces. As the darkness encroaches early in the evening, bright lighting will be most suitable. But as the night moves along, glaringly bright areas may be less appealing. The incremental dimmer allows you choose just the right amount light all night long.

There’s a wealth of options when it comes to using an LED compatible dimmer! We’ve given you some ideas, but we’d love to see how you use the dimmer in your space! Email us or post a picture and tag us on Facebook (@partylightscom) or Instagram (@partylights_com).

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