3 New Party-Worthy Novelty Lights

Unicorn Party Lights

We added some very party-worthy options to our novelty party light collection: unicorn, cupcake, and Finding Dory lights! All three sets have 10 lights with colorful covers that will bring a smile to both kids or adults. You can use them as decorations for holidays and also in a bedroom or playroom. Additionally, they are especially well-suited for theme parties.

First, unicorn party lights have rainbow ribbon tails that add a colorful accent and will brighten anyone’s day. These joyful prancing unicorns add a bit of joy and creativity to any space. Unicorn cords are 8.5 feet long with unicorns spaced roughly every 8 inches. Additionally, the set has end-to-end connections so that up to 3 strings can be connected together.

Unicorn Party String Lights

Next, cupcake party light sets look almost delicious enough to eat! Instead, add these fun, festive string lights to a kid’s birthday party, themed party, or as home decor! Each set includes colorful cupcake designs with glitter accents. Cupcake light cords are 12 feet long with lights spaced roughly every 12 inches.  This set also allows end-to-end connections for up to three strings.

Cupcake String Party Lights

Finally, Disney® Finding Dory string lights add an ocean full of fun to any birthday party, themed bedroom or play area! Perfect for Disney®, Finding Nemo or Finding Dory fans, this party light set brightens any area with Dory’s smiling face. Finding Dory light cords are 12 feet long with Dory, the famous clownfish, spaced roughly every 12 inches. (Short-term memory problems are not included.)

Finding Dory String Party Lights

Show off your room or party that features unicorn, cupcake and Finding Dory party lights! Email us or post a picture and tag us on Facebook (@partylightscom) or Instagram (@partylights_com).

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