How to Add Style with a “Go Anywhere” Lighting Solution

Battery Operated Decorative String Lights

Battery operated decorative string lights are always a popular option because they can be hung anywhere … no need to have an outlet nearby! The latest additions to our decorative string light options are unique and stylish, making them easy to place and easy on the eyes as well. These latest additions come in a variety of new looks and styles.  These flexible designs can be featured as home decor or reserved for something special such as for the holidays or an event.

Mini Decorative Strings

First, we have two new mini-size decorative string lights. The mini copper ball string light features round metal balls that are 1 inch in diameter. They have an eye-catching copper color with cutouts that cast a beautiful light pattern on a wall or table which make an elegant addition to a tabletop display or for centerpieces. Our new mini iridescent box string lights feature an amazing prism effect. Combine strings for an iridescent effect that is the perfect addition for a disco party or as decor for kid’s room or for a dorm room. Plus, they also make a unique holiday decoration!

Battery Operated Copper Balls String Lights Battery Operated Iridescent Box String Lights

Compact Paper Lanterns

Next, if you like the look of paper lanterns, you’ll love the colorful paper lantern string lights. This set features 3″ x 2″ paper shades in colorful patterns that are delicate and stylish, and the bold colors make them ideal for a special event or as an eye-catching accent as part of your home decor. Or for a fun and festive alternative, the gold sparkle paper lantern string lights offer a similar shaped shade with gold glitter along all the outer seams. They’re perfect for home decor as well, but also make a great holiday decoration wherever you want to add some extra sparkle. Kids who are into glitter might want these for their room as well!

Battery Operated Gold Paper Lantern String Lights Battery Operated Colorful Paper Lantern String Lights

Unique Metallic Shades

Finally, for a more rustic alternative, check out the new silver lantern string lights. These distinctive string lights look like miniature outdoor lanterns or lights in a fun metal design. Even the miniature bulbs create the illusion of small scale lanterns.  They’re perfect for a retro outdoor patio look or would be a great addition to a camper awning. For a different type of retro look, go for an outside-the-box steampunk look with our new copper cone string lights. These lights have metal cage-like lanterns in an open pyramid shape that makes for a totally unique retro-futurist design that would look amazing in a home office or rec room area.

Battery Operated Silver Lantern String Lights Battery Operated Copper Cone String Lights

All of these new “go anywhere” battery-operated decorative string lights have 4.5 foot clear cords with 6-inch spacing between covers. The battery packs are 3″ by 2″ and all have 8-hour timers. Set them up once, and you’ll have festive illumination automatically turn on every day!

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