C9 Vintage Bulbs & String Lights

C9 Vintage String Lights

Vintage, Edison-style string lighting remains very much on trend, and we’re excited to make some new additions to our selection of these great looking patio lights.
Vintage C9 Bulbs

The New Vintage C9 Bulb

In addition to our wide selection of Edison bulbs in medium base, we now have C9 (Intermediate) Base Vintage Bulbs in three distinctive looks: clear, frosted and amber. The clear and frosted bulbs are warm white, and the amber casts a distinctive orange glow. These 7 watt incandescent bulbs are 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide at their widest point, and have an estimated 2500 hour lifespan. They can be used indoor or outdoors.

String Lighting with Vintage C9 Bulb

In addition to single bulbs, we have a great variety of both standard and commercial grade string lights that include these new C9 vintage, Edison-style bulbs. You’ll find them in ready-to-use lengths of 25 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet with black, green and white cord color options. Of course, for custom installations, get these new vintage bulbs with our 330’ bulk reels as well!

C9 Vintage String Lights Clear C9 Vintage String Lights Amber C9 Vintage String Lights Frosted
Edison bulbs are popular due to their warm, signature look, particularly great for gathering and entertaining spaces. While they’re less suited to spaces that require more intense light, the mellow, intimate glow is ideal for dining spaces or group social areas and many of our business-owner customers love to use them for restaurants and bars. Thanks to their unique appearance, they look great as bare bulbs, becoming a featured design element unto themselves whether in your home or business!

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