Christmas LED String Lights Guide

Christmas LED Mini Lights feature

Christmas LED String Lights Guide

When the weather starts turning markedly cooler, and the trick or treaters have done their rounds, it’s a perfect time to do an inventory on your holiday lights. If you’re like many people, you have a bin full of old incandescent mini lights in your basement or attic and invariably, when you pull those lights out to decorate, you’ll find that some of your Christmas string lights are not working. You could replace them with the same thing again … or you could take this opportunity to convert to LED Christmas lights.

LED lights make great Christmas lighting for a number of reasons. We’ve previously outlined the advantages of LED lighting, but a few key factors makes them particularly good for holiday lighting. Certainly, one of the biggest advantages of LED is their durability. LED string lights use a hard plastic shell for their bulbs that are markedly better at standing up to usage year after year, pulling them in and out of bins, and stringing them up and taking them down — often in cold weather.

Relating to durability, they’re also better at handling the elements, which makes them especially well suited to outdoor holiday lighting. LED string lights use a molded socket which makes them weather resistant, standing up better to snow and rain, and any other winter elements.

LED string lights provide similar illumination from lower wattage which means they are both safer and more efficient. LEDs are cool to the touch, even with larger bulbs, which is particularly good if you have small hands in your household that like to explore and touch everything. Plus, higher efficiency means lower energy costs, which is always a plus during the winter months.

Our LED Christmas string lights come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors that offer many options so you can find the perfect match for your Christmas light display. All of our holiday string lights have an average life of 100,000 hours and you can string between 44 and 88 strands together depending on bulb size.

LED String Lights Bulb Size Comparison

LED Mini Christmas Lights Comparison


LED M5 Mini Christmas LightsLED M5 Mini String Lights

If you’re someone who prefers the traditional looking Christmas mini light, the LED M5 mini lights are the perfect alternative. These Christmas mini lights are perfect to use for indoor or outdoor holiday light displays. It’s a popular choice for decorating your Christmas tree or use as accent lighting. LED M5 Christmas lights offer a smooth surface if you’re again one that prefers the traditional look. Safely connect up to 44 strands together and you’ll have the best and safest outdoor tree light display. The advantage of buying LED mini lights with PartyLights, you have all the size and colors options available to match your holiday decor. The M5 mini lights bulb .875 high.

LED Polka Dot String LightsLED Polka Dot Mini String Lights

LED string lights offer the advantage of brighter light from small bulbs, and LED polka dot string lights have been a popular result of this technological advantage — so popular, in fact, that they are our best-selling holiday string light. Polka dot LED bulbs are known by a variety of names including “5mm LED lights,” “wide angle mini Christmas lights,” or “conical LED string lights”. Regardless of their name, they’re the perfect example of big things from small packages. Polka dot lights have a concave lens shape that disburses light in a wide angle, making them perfect for trees and posts, as well as garland. The option of battery-powered LED polka dot string lights also make these the perfect solution for wreaths, with no need to have an outlet cord disrupting the aesthetic of your holiday display. These tiny polka dot bulbs are 0.25″ high and 0.1875″ wide.

LED G12 Mini LightsLED G12 Mini String Lights

Globe shaped bulbs have become popular over the last few years, and LED G12 string lights (often referred to as “berry” or “raspberry” lights) are our second best-selling LED holiday string light. Their circular, berry-like appearance have made them very popular for use on wreaths or in garland, particularly with red bulbs. Their faceted design, compact size and variety of colors also make them a great alternative to traditional mini lights. They are perfect for Christmas trees or other indoor hanging light displays, as well as for outdoor displays on patios or porches or for decorating bushes. With both traditional plug-in string lights and battery powered LED G12 string lights available, this style is also well suited to wreaths or other holiday displays where visible cords are less desirable. G12 string light bulbs are 0.375” in diameter.

LED M6 Mini LightsLED M6 Mini String Lights

With a size and style very similar to traditional incandescent mini lights, LED M6 string lights are another popular LED holiday lights option. Because of their similarity to mini lights, they’re most commonly used for decorating indoor trees, but they’re an excellent solution for nearly any indoor or outdoor usage, including wrapping around greenery or porch columns. They retain the traditional “flame” shape of mini lights, but have faceted plastic bulbs that casts light in multiple directions which shift or twinkle when viewed from different angles. M6 string light bulbs are 0.875″ long.

LED C6 String LightsLED C6 String Lights

Another great holiday lights option is the LED C6 String Light with the “strawberry bulb”. Also known as the mini cone or mini pine cone, they’re used most commonly on trees and have a faceted bulb that disperses light in a very elegant way. Because of their “in between” size, LED C6 string lights can be used in a variety of applications. While larger than mini lights, they’re still the perfect size for a tree, particularly for a full size (six foot or greater) indoor tree. They are also large enough to use for outdoor settings, particularly mixed with garland on patios or along railings, or for decorating outdoor bushes. C6 string light bulbs are 1.125″ high and 0.5″ wide.

LED C7 String LightsLED C7 String Lights

As one might expect, the C7 bulb is slightly larger version of the C6 bulb. LED C7 string lights are a size that may be familiar to many people as they are the closest in size and style to the larger size bulbs that were very popular in the mid-20th century. Their larger size is well suited to larger trees or where you wish to see the distinctive bulb shape from a distance. People who have larger trees in their home, ten feet tall or more, will find this a great selection. They’re also good for outdoor use, including along rooflines or for garland or other front patio or porch displays. C7 string light bulbs are 1.5″ high and 0.875″ wide. They also one of the two LED string lighting that you can safely connect up to 88 string lights end to end!

LED C9 String LightsLED C9 String Lights

Our LED C9 string lights is our largest light set among our pre-assembled LED string lighting, The C9 bulbs are another fifty percent larger than the C7 bulb. These larger bulbs are very well suited to outdoor displays; many people use them for large outdoor trees or for lighting rooflines. They also work well on larger in-yard holiday displays including sleighs or other holiday themed items. As with the other LED C-series bulbs, they are faceted for very attractive jeweled look. The C9 string light bulbs are 2.25″ high and 1.125″ wide. Like the C7s, safely connect up 88 of these beautiful string lights and make a statement!


Whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors, decorating a small wreath or a twenty foot tree in your yard, LED string lights make a great holiday solution. With a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors, PartyLights has an LED Christmas string light that will match your needs and help you to really show off your holiday spirit. After you get your display complete, we’d love to see your handiwork! Email us or post a picture and tag us on Facebook(@partylightscom) or Instagram (@partylights_com).

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