Fairy Lights Just Got More Flexible

Fairy Lights

We’re always excited for a new product when it’s an expansion of something we already carry. Fairy Lights are practical, stylish and have so many varied uses. Our newest fairy lights offer longer lengths in battery-operated and plug-in varieties. Wrap these flexible and ultra-thin LED lights anywhere for that fun festive look!

Battery-Operated Fairy Lights

Now in 36-light sets, Battery Operated Fairy Lights have an ultra thin wire that easily molds to any shape and is virtually undetectable in your decor. The bulbs give a complete 360˚ view, making it visible from any angle. The 36 light sets come in multicolor, red, green, blue, warm white, and candy cane. Since these new longer-length LED lights are battery powered, there’s no need for an electrical outlet. Sets include a three-function controller, which allows for steady on, steady on with a timer, plus a phasing or slow flashing mode. Enjoy the length of 13 feet, 2 inches for all your accent lighting. 

Candy Cane Fairy Lights Battery Operated Fairy Lights

Plug-in Fairy Lights

Even though battery operated lights provide convenience, we’ve added Plug-In Fairy Lights to cover all applications around your home. Length is limited with battery-operated because of the power needed for all the bulbs. With these longer 96-light sets, you no longer need to spread your lights too thin and have two light sets. A two-function controller is included, which allows for steady on or phasing/slow flashing mode. You’ll love the greater flexibility with the 36 feet, 7 inches length.  

Multi Color Fairy Lights Plug In Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights can be used in wide array of spaces. They’re perfect around the holidays for wreaths or small, tabletop Christmas trees. They also make a stylish addition any time of year on picture frames, as well as along shelves, a mantel or wound throughout centerpieces on a table. This simple and elegant lighting option has a ton of great ways to integrate with your decor!

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