Battery-Operated G12 Mini Lights

Battery Operated G12 Mini Lights

One of our favorite styles of lighting, LED mini lights deliver creative solutions for accent lighting. The small raspberry shaped G12 Mini Lights continue to be a popular option, and we think this battery operated version will be as well! With no need for an outlet, use battery-operated mini lights to accent centerpieces and displays anywhere around the house. 

Available in a variety of colors, these LED G12 Mini Lights feature a cut glass look bulb made from durable acrylic. The strings provide 81 inches of  length with 12 lights spaced about 6 inches apart. Battery-Operated G12 Mini Lights use AA batteries, and have a convenient on/off switch. Like all our LED lights, these battery operated G12 mini lights give you energy efficiency. LED lights also remain cool to the touch for added safety. Lights of the same color can be interconnected for longer strings (colors can not be combined due to the voltage difference). 

These small mini lights provide the perfect solution to use anywhere you want the look of compact globe lights. With no outlet cord to worry about, place battery operated mini lights just about anywhere as holiday decor or for a whimsical year-round home decor item! Whether you accent a centerpiece, highlight mantle displays or add to a seasonal or holiday wreath, LED battery-operated mini lights continue to make your decor shine.

For a full comparison guide of all our mini lights, check out our Christmas LED String Lights Guide.

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