9 New Battery Operated Decorative String Light Sets

Battery Operated Decorative String Lights

We’re excited about a plethora of new decorative string light sets! Featuring freedom from plugs and great energy efficiency, battery powered LED lights are a fantastically flexible and environmentally friendly lighting option, and we now have more options than ever!

Flower String Lights

First, we added a pair of battery powered flower LED decorative string light sets. The crystal blossom string lights come with 20 clear flowers and give off a pleasing white glow. Alternatively, our new rose string lights have 16 LED rose lights available in either cool white and warm white. And because they are LED lights, they remain cool to the touch. These battery powered flower LED string light sets can be placed anywhere and are perfect for wedding centerpieces, basket or vase arrangements and seasonal home decor.
Battery Operated Chrystal Blossom String Lights Battery Operated Rose String Lights

Elegant Garland and String Lights

We’ve also added two new elegant options that make great upscale decor. Our new battery operated pearls and lights garland provide a large amount of light from a small package. The 20 white LED lights are arranged on a silver colored wire with large and small pearl-like balls. Similarly, our new eye-catching crystals string lights come with 20 LED lighted clear crystals that provides an elegant decorative effect. The white lights feature a unique mix of pear and pendant shaped lighted crystals. These compact and elegant strings can be used anywhere and are the perfect dainty light for flower arrangements, weddings, and centerpieces.  They’re also amazing as wall decor or hanging from the edge of shelving for a unique look!
Battery Operated Pearls and Lights Garland Battery Operated Crystals String Lights

Rustic String Lights

We’re really excited about the unique rustic look of two other new battery operated light sets. Our new cotton ball string lights have 10 cotton string balls that are 2.5 inches in diameter and feature a uniquely elegant yet rustic look. Similar to the cotton ball lights, we’ve also added battery operated mini lantern string light sets. The mini lantern string light set comes with 10 white mini lanterns that are about 3 inches tall and when lit, each lantern produces a cool holographic star effect. Both of these rustic sets offer a unique dual color option – the same set lights in either a cool white or warm white tone. They are great for holiday decorations where you don’t have easy access to an outlet, but they can also be used year round. They make a unique decoration either hanging or as table decor for a variety of occasions.
Battery Operated Cotton Ball String Lights Battery Operated Mini Lantern String Lights

Globe String Lights

Globe lights are a classic look, but we’ve added two interesting styles that are far from the usual! Fairy Berries on a string have ¾ inch diameter balls with a glowing tiny lights that slowly fade on and off; collectively the globes produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is definitely unique! We’ve also added new Star Sphere String Lights which produce a dazzling holographic star effect in each ball. The StarSphere lights feature a choice of steady, fade or flash modes, and have a 6 hours on, 18 hours off timer. The set features 6 balls, approximately 3 inches in diameter, with 3 white LEDs per orb. Both sets look amazing in wreaths, as table decor or interspersed with rustic sticks or bamboo to provide a mesmerizing and magical light effect.  They’re also perfect as decor for weddings and other special events.
Battery Operated Fairy Berry Lights Battery Operated Star Sphere String Lights

Edison Style String Lights

Lastly, we’ve added battery operated Edison style lights, the cool vintage look you were looking for; you can use these string lights just about anywhere that you want a trendy rustic look. The Edison bulbs feature a unique warm white star-shaped fairy light inside. These lights are great party decor or make an eye-catching addition to any setting where you’re looking for vintage lighting with the convenience of battery power!
Battery Operated Edison Lights

All of these battery operated decorative string light sets are the perfect solution when you don’t want dangling power cords or when an outlet is not particularly accessible. Check out these great new lights!

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